Franciscan Vocation and Discernment Houses, Fort Wayne IN USA

Annunciation House (Women)                   Guadalupe House (Men)

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Franciscan Vocation and Discernment Houses, Fort Wayne IN 

Annunciation House (women)               Guadalupe House (men)
Live, pray, work, and fellowship with other like minded individuals (ages 18 and up) who are living a simple, Franciscan life as Roman Catholic lay people or who are discerning how God may be calling them to religious life, marriage, career, single life, or any other vocation.
See for photos, requirements, applications, and more information. 
The Confraternity Council has expanded its ministry to develop both a men’s and a women’s vocation discernment house, each operated in Franciscan faith and simplicity.
Each house will be open to those who are seeking a supportive, prayerful community environment in which to discern religious or other vocations while also volunteering in Catholic ministry for the Confraternity of Penitents.
In addition, each home will have a few rooms for CFP members and Affiliates who wish to live and pray together while assisting the CFP in ministry and mentoring those who are discerning.
In brief, the components and costs of this plan are:
Guadalupe Men’s Vocation and Discernment House ($120,000 to renovate, meet code)
Annunciation Women’s Vocation and Discernment House ($85,000 to renovate, meet code)
Confraternity Volunteer Coordinator’s House ($6,000 to upgrade)
Prayer Chapel for Mary's Glen ($65,000)
Will you help? All donations are tax-deductible.
[ ] YES! I will pray for the success of the Confraternity and its Franciscan Vocation Houses.
[ ] I will make a tax deductible contribution of $______ a month for the next three years for the purchase/renovation fund in addition to my current donation of $_______ for CFP operations.
[ ] I would like to sponsor a room in the Franciscan Vocation Houses. Please Check: ___ $5000 one time tax deductible donation; ____ $417/month for a year; ____ $208/month for 2 years; ____$139/month for 3 years ___ House choice:
___ Guadalupe Men’s House 
___Annunciation Women’s House
[ ] Enclosed is my one time, tax deductible check for $__________.
[ ] Charge my VISA/MasterCard/Amex Card $________________________________   
           Exp ___/___ Signature (required for card donations________________________
[ ] I am 70-1/2 or older and will make a donation of $________ from my IRA. I understand my donation will not be taxable to me and will count as part of my required minimum distribution.
[ ] I can donate $_________ in securities. Please provide information on how to do this.
{ } Please send me free of charge a Fishers of Men bank into which I will deposit my spare change to mail to the CFP once the bank is full (please mail us a check for the amount collected)
[ ] I would like to help sponsor Mary's Glen Prayer Chapel. Here is my donation:________
{ } I can conduct a fund raiser of __________ to raise funds for this project. Proposed date _________
{   } I will make an interest free loan to the CFP in the amount of _____________ to be paid back in full by _____________.
[  ] I will donate on line using the donation button to the right.
Name __________________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________________
City ________________________________________State ______ ZIP _____________
Phone ______________________________ email _______________________________
This form needs to be copied and pasted into a Microsoft Word Document. It cannot be filled out on line.
Mail to: To:      Confraternity of Penitents, 1702 Lumbard Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46803 USA