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Testimonies From Penitents

Dogs, Driving, and My Day

I wake in the morning between 4 am and 5 am. I think I need to wake an hour eariler:-)


I try not to trip over two boxers reclining in front of my bedroom door and our small landing on the second floor. As I head downstairs for coffee, I try to navigate the dogs taking one step at a time. They are trying to figure out is it potty time or food.


I head upstairs to my room and collect myself. This is the most sacred part of my day. I start with lectio divine of readings of the daily mass. I then meditate or mental prayer using the prayer of the heart. I am always blessed and amazed at the words he speaks from lectio divine.


I then proceed to CFP daily prayers. The liturgy of the hour prayers. I have a very busy life, grandkids drop off at school. Errands to do. Twice a week I volunteer with SVDP, we deliver monthly groceries to disabled and elderly. 

I feel close to Jesus when I am visiting and feeding the poor.


Around noon liturgy of the hours and lunch or not. My day is constantly making time for prayer. I have rosaries in most rooms, auto, lists of CFP daily prayers as well. When life gets busy and things get lost, all I have to do is look around and I have what I need to stay on track.


Afternoons things slow down, liturgy of the hours and the rosary. Maybe a power nap.


After dropping off grand kids around 6pm or 7pm,  CFP prayers and liturgy of the hours.


Around 9pm the flower is closing its petals like a Moonflower. Liturgy of the hours, and as I start drifting off I review my day my failures and tell the Lord I am sorry. Steady reciting Hail Mary as I fall into oblivion.


This is a daily struggle to make these things happen. They keep me from feeling self righteous because I fail and I have to start where I am and let the failures go up to that point. 

I am praying daily to become a better penitent. My prayers are to become more consistent to where I feel comfortable making a vow for life to the CFP. Pray for me.


Peace and Blessings

Pat D

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