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Donate to Confraternity of Penitents

Alms Fund
General Fund
Vita Dei Houses Fund

Alms Fund Donations go to assist penitents or others in need.

To Donate to the Alms Fund, click here.

General Fund Donations pay for postage, printing, internet, and other administrative expenses. These help the Confraternity to spread the message of penance (conversion) worldwide.

To Donate to the General Fund, click here.

Donations to the Vita Dei Houses Fund assist in the upkeep and expenses in the Vita Dei House ministry.  To learn more about Vita Dei Houses, click  here.


To donate to the Vita Dei House Ministry, click here. 

Suggested Tithe Guidelines for CFP'ers


Our CFP Rule asks us to tithe. A tithe is 10% of our income which should be used, if we can afford it, to support our parishes, charitable groups in line with Church teaching, and the CFP. The following suggested tithe guidelines for the CFP were approved by Fr. Jacob Meyer, CFP Visitor.

The CFP will not mandate any tithe for anyone. We do not feel that people should have to pay to do penance. However, we do have expenses including postage, printing, website and internet fees, utilities, rent, property upkeep, phone expenses, and so on. It is reasonable, of course, to expect that those who benefit from the CFP should support the CFP financially if at all possible.


We are so grateful for the donations we receive including those from members of the Alessandro Prison Ministry who have very little income as it is yet several of them send in a few dollars to the CFP on a regular basis. Truly this is the widow’s mite and we ask God to reward contributions from these men who have so little to spare.

For the rest of the CFP, the suggested guidelines, approved by Fr. Jacob, should be within reach of most in the CFP. These guidelines are that postulants tithe a minimum of 0.25% of their yearly income to the CFP, Novice 1’s tithe a minimum of 0.50%, Novice 2’s tithe a minimum of 0.75%, and Novice 3’s and above tithe a minimum of 1% of their yearly income.


For example, if a CFP member makes $25,000 per year, the minimum suggested yearly tithe to the CFP would be:

Postulant-- 0.25% of yearly incomeof $25,000 = $62.50

Novice 1-- 0.50% of yearly income of $25,000= $125.00 

Novice 2 -- 0.75% of yearly income of $25,000 = $187.50 

Novice 3 and above -- 1% of yearly income of $25,000 = $250.00


We sincerely thank you for considering these suggestions and for whatever you can give, most especially and above all your prayers.

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