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2015 Photos

Fence of Saints, Mary's Glen

Work begun on Mary's Glen, to create a small Catholic prayer park behind CFP headquarters surrounded by a Fence of Saints. Example of one saint shown.

Andy Passino gets roller blades

Fall Retreat 2015 held in Huntington Indiana. Andy Passino presented roller blades on his birthday as a gag gift. Fr. Pascal Yohe, Retreat Master (pictured elsewhere).


New website created for CFP. Same address

Bill Eddy

Memorial Mass held for life pledged and privately vowed member Bill Eddy (br. Anthony in the CFP) who died in December 2015. Bill's remains were brought to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where they were buried in the Catholic Cemetery.

Fraciscan Fest 2015

Penitents in Fort Wayne, Indiana, host Franciscan Fest as a fun family get together and fundraiser. Pictured penitents Angie and Grace judging the talent show.

Life Pledge of Mariah Dragolic

Mariah Dragolich, newly life pledged, with Fr. Pascal Yohe of Eternal Word Television Network, who received her pledge. October 2015

Terri Keller reading her pledge

Year Pledge of Terri Keller, September 2015

Kerrie Postulancy

Father Jacob Meyer offers Mass in CFP Chapel on 12th anniversary of CFP Refounding. Kerrie Comeaux enters postulancy.


Pledged, privately vowed member becomes Sr. Elizabeth Bridget Clare, Diocesan hermit


Sandy Lewis pledges to live CFP Rule for life


Father Jacob Meyer, CFP Visitor, and members at summer retreat


Three hermitages added to CFP Property for live in voluteers' use


Clearing of undergrowth and brush in what will become Mary's Glen at CFP Headquarters


Garage being renovated to incorporate rest room, kitchen, living area for on site volunteers


CFP Associate Antoinette Padua becomes a Consecrated Virgin


Bishop Kevin Rhoades celebrates Mass at CFP Headquarters with several CFP members attending

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