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Who Are Franciscan Penitents?



Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Confraternity of Penitents! Around the world, our members live, in their own homes as Catholic laity, a religious Rule of Life given originally by Saint Francis of Assisi to the married and single men and women of his day. Our Constitutions, canonically approved by the Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend, enable us to live this holy and freeing Rule of Life as closely as possible to its original intent.


The first recorded penitents, Blessed Luchesio and his wife Bonadona are shown in the image to the right, receiving the cord of penance from Saint Francis in the year 1221. Following their example, and the example of many others, Confraternity of Penitents members live a holy, penitential life of prayer, fasting and abstinence, simplicity of life, and works of mercy.


Are you married or single, a diocesan priest or deacon? Are you 14 years of age or older? Do you want a deeper prayer life? Do you desire a more surrendered relationship with God? Are you anxious to express your faith with joy?  The Holy Spirit may have led you to the Confraternity of Penitents. To begin Inquiry, please complete the Inquirer Application and may God bless and guide you!

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