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Love Always

Life, without a doubt, is a miracle; a loving act from God. We are compelled to love since we are created in his image; we are capable to love, and with that love, we ought to live our lives searching to give our lives to the services of others. This is not an easy practice, we find challenges daily; but we need to consider that we live in a privileged area because we are not being persecuted inasmuch as the middle eastern. Are we ready to deposit our lives truly in the hands of Jesus? If we are willing to die for Him without remorse, then we are ready to fully love him.

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Robert Cardinal Sarah writes in an article that the mission of religious communities and I include here the Confraternity of Penitents as a Lay Religious Organization, is to live out with fid

Created for a time like this.

In an article in the Advocate Josh Johnson has a first hand perspective on being black. He is also a Priest and a son of a cop. In his experience he has been through it all. Read what he has to say

A Time to Die

Nicholas Diat wrote a beautiful book about how monks die, their struggles, faith, piece, humanity, and fears. Death should always be something a penitent bears in mind, because we are all heading towa


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