A Great Virtue

What do we think about when we hear about virtue? Though there are many possible answers, there is one that excels among many: humility. St. Francis wasn't always a saint, he started as a hedonist. There was something in this style of life that just didn't quite feel right, he knew it wasn't enough. He knew there was value in "things" and yet, he wasn't rich. Eventually, in the search of a purposeful life, he stumbled upon a great virtue—humility—marking the birth of a giant. When we are humble, we are rich. We no longer search for the riches of the world, but rather, the riches in the world. He was very happy with birds chirping, the light of brother sun and the reflection of sister moon. Let's enjoy life in the values that it offers, loving our neighbor. The richest gift we can always provide is giving ourselves to God's creation. That is humility, recognizing we are just a grain of sand in an infinite universe.

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May God bless you and give you joy!