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Ascension--Our Hope

The Ascension of Christ into His Glory marks our hope that we will, one day, be where He is. He said that He went to prepare a place for us. Now this is not going to be like a room in a five star hotel. It's going to be unimaginably better! Lord, I cannot imagine a life with me constantly aware of and loving You. I can't wait!

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Robert Cardinal Sarah writes in an article that the mission of religious communities and I include here the Confraternity of Penitents as a Lay Religious Organization, is to live out with fid

Created for a time like this.

In an article in the Advocate Josh Johnson has a first hand perspective on being black. He is also a Priest and a son of a cop. In his experience he has been through it all. Read what he has to say

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Nicholas Diat wrote a beautiful book about how monks die, their struggles, faith, piece, humanity, and fears. Death should always be something a penitent bears in mind, because we are all heading towa


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