The Useless Rock

If we could do the things we dream of, what would those things be? Whatever that might be, it requires effort and a plan. Sloth is the fiercest enemy of a dream, but it can be defeated. Can we see the beauty of a big, useless rock? Actually, no, we cannot. Not with our current eyes, but with those of the heart. A rock can turn into a beautiful masterpiece, Michelangelo saw that. Jesus also saw it in a rock hence the Church was founded upon it, although it was not easy. are to be that rock as well, it will not be easy as well; but we can count on the grace of the Lord who will provide. We have to endure and suffer the sculpting of our hearts as Jesus is the Chisel, though it might hurt, it is moved by his Love. We can be that plan if we just let him work, we need to allow him to remove the slothfulness of our hearts and become diligent to be His masterpiece.

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